Interview No 1


Years ago, when artistic director of a company in Queensland, Dianna dreamt up a concept for an arts panel show. It was trialled in a couple of schools, but didn’t have the legs to grow at that time. However, the name of the project stuck.

Now Dianna is creating a podcast called Talkin’ Out Yer Arts. It will be a vehicle for artists, particularly in the performing arts, to have a platform for their ideas, opinions, and values. It will allow a deep dive into the lived experience of a performing artist, and explore the place of the arts in our lives

The podcast will avoid cliches and buzz words such as: ‘talent’, ‘creative industries’, ‘my arts practice’, ‘world-class’, ‘award-winning’, ‘iconic’, ‘gifted’, and dig into what really goes on behind the scenes in building and maintaining a career, and the work of arts and culture. 

The aim is to create conversations with potential to engage a wide range of listeners, including those for whom the idea of a life as an artist may seem elitist and unnecessary. 

Tony Burke MP, Minister for the Arts, when going into bat for us in 2020, advocated strongly for artists as workers. Sad that he needed to but many people, in the Australian context, don’t have a strong understanding of what that means.

What does that work entail, and how does the industry, and wider cultural sector, actually work?

Project Status

Now that it’s clear Covid is going to play havoc with all of us, and especially the precariat, for a few more years to come, many of us are pondering the way forward in our art forms. Delivering a podcast from home in Gunning seems like a nice thing to do while we restart our engines. The first interview will be recorded very soon.


A range of colleagues will be invited to join in discussions. We’ll explore hot topics, specialist subjects, burning questions, and see how we go. We’ll approach young people starting out on their professional journey, as well as established artists, and gigging performers and creatives. We want to open the door to those who may not usually have a voice, and then see who, out there, is interested in their stories. 

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Technical requirements 

Armed with laptop and USB mic, Dianna will interview subjects then edit and produce from home. Initially we’ll upload the interviews onto this website, but in time will have a home online for the podcast. We need some runs on the board first.

Important dates and activities

August 22nd 2022 – first interview to be recorded.