Music Theatre Projects Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee established to support the development, creation and production of theatre, music theatre, opera, film, TV, online delivery, and live performance.

We celebrate and build on our rich shared heritage of performance practice and storytelling. Brand new work is being made as well as productions of heritage works, including those previously undiscovered or rarely performed.

Diverse Australian voices are our authors, interpreters, builders, makers, performers and producers, and we are linking with international voices. We are genre fluid and are curious about the role of the performing arts in the Australian context. We utilise traditional and non-traditional performance venues.

We are project-based. Each work on the company slate requires its own business plan and resources. The NFP company structure provides a governance umbrella for this portfolio.

We are founded on a strong set of progressive values, including acknowledgement that the contributions made by professional artists are vital to the development of the human ability to survive, adapt and thrive.

We affirm that the arts, culture and entertainment sectors are essential in building relationship with each other and our environment.

Board of Management

Board of Management consists of managing director/public officer, Dianna Nixon, and three directors – John McDonald, Amanda Day, and a new director coming soon. David Pearson was with us from the beginning, but has had to step down due to other commitments. We are so grateful for the support and advice he gave during that time, as well as the wisdom and enthusiasm of the other Board directors.

Company Objects

  • contribute to truth-telling, particularly relating to the role of women in history and culture.
  • access production resources via investment, funding, sponsorship, donations and other means.
  • provide production resources for a range of non-profit projects and initiatives relating to the objects of the Company, including creative development processes.
  • ensure the company operates efficiently, with transparency, and in compliance with the law and best industry practice.
  • work closely with peak bodies and project partners to maximise opportunities consistent with the Company’s objects.
  • apply the core values of sustainability and diversity to all aspects of the Company.
  • co-operate with any other company, club, association or organisation, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of the Company, provided that the Company shall not subscribe to or support with its funds any club, association or organisation which allows the distribution of its income and property among its members.
  • appoint, employ, remove or suspend such managers, clerks, secretaries, servants, workers and other persons as may be necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Company.
  • In furtherance of the objects of the Company, to transfer all or any part of the property, assets, liabilities and engagements of the Company to any one or more of the companies, institutions, societies or associations with which the Company is authorised to amalgamate.
  • In furtherance of the objects of the Company, to make donations for charitable purposes.
  • do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and the exercise of the powers of the Company.


Dianna Nixon

Dianna has been active in the ACT and Southern Tablelands regions as a practicing artist, arts educator and arts advocate since 2004. Prior to that she attended Mitchell College of Advanced Education (now Charles Sturt Uni) in Bathurst, then the Victorian College of the Arts (in the late 80s). She lived and worked in various regional and metropolitan areas, toured extensively, undertaking many artistic residencies on community-based projects. She describes herself as genre-fluid, and likes to utilise all her skills – pianist, singer, actor, director, musical director, writer, music creator and more – with interdisciplinary work a major focus. As director she has helmed over 70 works in a wide variety of settings. As voice coach and repetiteur she has worked in theatre, music theatre, opera, choral work, cabaret and film. As performer her work has included live and recorded gigs, as well as piano accompaniment in a wide variety of settings. She is a Churchill Fellow, and has received other recognition for her piano and voice teaching practice and research. Her work as producer has ranged from large scale festival events to intimate events in non-traditional venues. Projects on which she has worked have occurred on railway platforms, in airports, bus depots, on roundabouts, in zoos, woolsheds, rural halls, and even a solo piece in one of the ACT’s famous bus shelters. She has nibbled at the fringes of film-making since the early 90s – participating on and off camera in a number of short films that have been screened nationally and internationally, as well as working on a number of documentary projects and films made for community celebration or archival purposes. She steers Music Theatre Projects Ltd from her home base in the little village of Gunning, NSW, a 45 minute drive from her studio in Dickson, ACT.

At the heart of everything Dianna has done, is storytelling. There are so many stories still to be told. We’d better get to work.

We are grateful to artsACT for their grant in 2022 which supported us to create this website.

Music Theatre Projects Ltd
ACN 637987707        ABN 53637987707

Not-for-Profit Company Limited By Guarantee

Listed with ASIC Dec 2019

P.O. Box 33
Gunning (Gundungurra)
NSW 2581